The Trieste Award assigned by the jury (Edvinas Pukšta, Dubravka Lakić, Emanuela Martini) to the best feature film in competition (euro 5.000) goes to ÎNTREGALDE by Radu Muntean (Romania 2021) with the following motivation: the most unpredictable film in the International Feature Film Competition smartly changes gears bridging divergent genres and moods, convincingly blending professional actors with unforgettable local amateurs, and tensely driving us to a surprising destination of genuine tranquillity.
The jury also awarded two special mentions: to KELTI by Milica Tomović (Celts, Serbia 2021) For her ability to tell the story of an entire world through a single group of family and friends, in one house during one evening, and for the way she builds an ensemble film thanks to a meticulous script and the probing use of the camera; and to STRAHINJA BANOVIĆ by Stefan Arsenijević (As Far As I Can Walk, Serbia – Luxembourg – France – Bulgaria – Lithuania 2021) for its humanistic story – in which one of today’s burning topics in Europe merges with a love of epic proportions – and the strongly cinematic language which Stefan Arsenijević used to tell it.

The Alpe Adria Cinema Award assigned by the jury (Marta Popivoda, Nino KirtadzeGianfranco Pannone) to the best documentary film in competition (euro 2.500) goes to TVORNICE RADNICIMA by Srđan Kovačević (Factory to The Workers, Croatia 2021) with the following motivation: with its cinematic power and outstanding commitment, puts us in direct contact with a unique contemporary workers’ struggle. Honest and engaging, the film shows us the complexities of building and sustaining a socialist utopian project in the ocean of wild capitalism. Factory to the Workers!
The jury also awarded another special mention to FILM BALCONOWY by Paweł Łoziński (The Balcony Movie, Poland 2021) because This great little film struck us mostly for the empathy it shows; for its ability to connect with others in the difficult and somewhat sad days of Covid from a very simple point of view – the balcony on the first floor of an ordinary block of flats in a Warsaw residential district. What could have been a tricky position from which to reach out to people, was in fact managed very sensitively and compassionately, and succeeded in establishing a funny and even profound dialogue with the most disparate people, who come across as genuine and empathetic themselves. The director intentionally put aside a more complex way of looking at the world in favour of a much simpler style that eventually becomes political, thanks to his infectious faith in people. This is a film that touches our souls.

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