Our Daily Water


Our Daily Water

If there wasn’t any water, how would we hang out?

Croatia has 718 islands and 467 cliffs. 67 islands are inhabited. 9 of them have direct access to drinking water. All of the other islands are dependent of water carrier ships. Our Daily Water is a mediterranian comedy about one of these ships and its crew.
The Captain’s young nephew joins the crew for the first time and the battle of generations begins. But, this is not the only battle at sea. The Captian is faced with an ongoing struggle with bureaucracy and bad managment. Arrogant tourists that do not appreciate the value he is bringing, are a special kind of enemy. They do not understand that, without that ship, they too would not have water on their fancy jachts and island’s marines.
The Captain is aware of the treassure his ship is carrying, but the other protagonists of this story start to realise the value of water only when they are left without it.

EDITING: Marija Prusina
MUSIC: Stanislav Kovačić
SOUND: Ana Jurčić
SOUND DESIGNER: Dario Domitrović
PRODUCERS: Morana Ikić Komljenović, Sabina Krešić

Audience Award – Mediterranean Film Festival Split 2018
Audience Award – Liburnia Film Festival – 2018
Jihlava International Documentary Festival