Me and My Trash

Me and My Trash

– Where did we get this story? – Do you want to know? – We took it out of the trash can… Hans Christian Andersen

We live in times when, like it or not, we produce enormous amounts of waste. Where and to what place is all that immense trash going?
Starting from her own garbage, the author follows the narrative line of further path and traces of her garbage and waste. This dramaturgical backbone is directly linked by storyline related characters and thematically appropriate interlocutors, forming a narrative network of three episodes in which all relevant points of Croatian waste management policy are explored. All social, business and political relations are mirrored in the issue of waste management and therefore this series in the language of garbage and waste speaks of today’s Croatia.
Can we reduce unnecessary throwing and raise awareness of the pitfalls of planned and perceptual obsolescence, that are inevitable accompanying phenomena of the consumer society?
Is the creative use of garbage and waste a green fairy tale by which we (self)deceive ourselves? Or can a fairy tale become reality?

Scenaristica i redateljica: VLATKA VORKAPIĆ

Direktor fotografije: JASENKO RASOL

Montažer: IVOR ŠONJE


Producentica: SABINA KREŠIĆ