A documentary fairy tale with elements of a horror film.

Imbued with the eternity of platinum, combining the extract of golden caviar, fresh wild beech buds and Snow Cladonia, with the extract of the flower of the mysterious Australian plant known as the Kangaroo Paw, in synergy with the extract of dwarf cedar, which, despite the eternal ice in the void and rocky expanses of the taiga, grows by one centimeter each month…
Like some magical elixir from a fairy tale, these inscriptions from various cosmetic packaging sound. An entire industry is based on our dissatisfaction with our own appearance. These methods are diverse – from eco/natural preparations to radical surgical procedures, but they all have a promise in common. And everything in capital letters highlights effectiveness! Almost magical! There are a number of helpers from the youth and beauty industry – beauticians, perfumery saleswomen, promoters of cosmetic preparations, personal trainers, plastic surgeons… These are all people who make money from our discontent, on provoking our self-questioning and at the end on our self-loathing.
Unlike what they tell us in capital letters and marketing campaigns there is also a whole world of small print, what they have to write but don’t boast about. Where does the small print lead us?
In today’s narcissistic culture, old age becomes undesirable and old people almost invisible. We live in a paradox – we want to live longer and at the same time we do not want to grow old. The story that begins with our faces in the mirror closes with the reverse of our desire for youth.

Script, director: VLATKA VORKAPIĆ



Sound recordist: JASENKO RASOL

Executive producer: VLATKA VORKAPIĆ