“Jump Out” supported by HAVC

Our minority co-production, the documentary "Jump Out" by director Nika Šaravavanje, was supported by HAVC.

“The feature-length documentary “Jump Out”, written and directed by Nike Šaravanje, tells the story four boys from the South Kariobangi neighbourhood, one of the poorest in Nairobi, who, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, spend time wandering here and there because the pandemic has closed the schools.The only constant in their lives is the acrobatic exercise they have each day. Steve, their coach, is an acrobat and one of the members of the acrobatic group that travels around Europe with the show Cirque du Soleil, and uses the donations to educate children.The author presents the current situation, in which there are certainly many children on our planet, in a synopsis, which leaves open the question – of whether these children should join Cirque du Soleil. Moreover, the author has comprehensively covered, on the basis of her own experience, the action in the treatment.
The project is financed by IDM Südtirola, Fond Audiovisivo FVG and Kreativna Europa – Media , and with the support of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre will completely close its financial structure.

Apart from the scriptwriter and director coming from Croatia, more filmmakers from Croatia will be involved in the post-production phase of the project”, writes art critic Bojan Kanjera.