Dandelion for “Factory to Workers”

The "Maslačak" (Dandelion) award in the regional selection 13. The Underhill film festival received our "Factory to Workers" documentary.

“Here, the cleaning lady and the director are both workers”

Croatia, 2005. A machine tools plant is taken over by its workers. It turns into the only successful example of a factory occupation in post-socialist Europe. Ten years after this revolutionary turning point, the rebellious employee behind the occupation now strives to prevent a production shutdown. Sustainability depends on the sacrifices of the workers protecting their livelihood from the threats of a ruthless economy. For 5 years, director Srđan Kovačević follows the inside story of the people who struggle to keep the once prestigious factory running. A decade later, the question remains: can the slogan “Factory to the Workers” be kept alive, or is it just a utopian dream?

More about the film here, and about the festival and festival awards here.